John Schneider



Odyssey the Journey

by John Schneider

Released 2018
Maven Music
Released 2018
Maven Music
The Odyssey an exploration of self through music, a long the way, John Schneider reunites with his love of music and old friends, who left a door open for him.
Life is an Odyssey... a journey. And while on the journey, we encounter many people, places and emotions. This is a journey through the years via music. There are soothing tones, exciting tones, angry tones, whimsical tones and erotic tones, which make up a lifetime.... a wander into the great unknown... a quest.

Having now lived decades past "I've Been Around Enough To Know" and survived a "Country Girl" who was "Sweeter that Tupalo Honey" or two, I finally feel ready to divulge to you what it "has been like"... and "IS like" from my rather unique perspective.
From rags to riches... to rags. From sultry nights in a local honkey-tonk, to the realization that true love can actually change a soul... From trying to find someone to share the pain with, to realizing that there is, indeed, someone out there who makes you want to be a better man... a better person... this is a journey through the very highs and extreme lows of a life well lived. Of a life not nearly over yet.
Climb on board, hang on and enjoy the journey. You will find, everyone you've ever known... including yourself... is walking along side you.
Welcome to... The Odyssey.

John Schneider - Storyteller